The growing demand for linguistically, pedagogically and academically qualified teachers of Chinese has also given rise to a number of scientific and interdisciplinary questions in the field of Chinese Studies, linguistics as well as intercultural and educational sciences.

The scientific discipline dealing with these questions, Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL), is receiving a great deal of attention and support in the Chinese-speaking world. In Europe however  – despite it being one of the target areas of this field – the research on TCFL is not yet very developed. Questions regarding learning goals and outcomes, the bias of oral vs. written language (including Chinese character learning) as well as transcultural studies concerning learning traditions and curricular questions are awaiting further research.

The CHAFBIB bibliography (containing approx. 3200 books, teaching materials and articles as of August 2018) aims to serve as a scientific basis for researchers and teachers working in the highly intercultural field of TCFL, and shall be used for relevant seminars and theses in the context of linguistic, didactic or cultural studies.

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